Rhythm Guitar & Lead Vocals – Dentist by day-Wannabe Rock Star by night / Is a fan of comfortable shoes / Hugs first, asks questions later / Enjoys movies with puppets and Silly String / Libra

Lead Guitar & Vocals – Intrigued by intrigue / Never at a loss for thought / Believes that guitars are little playthings that change lives / The angel on my left, and the angel on my right have agreed to meet in the middle / I like pie / Gemini

Bass & Vocals – Not quite a ‘bad panda’, just slightly naughty / Loves Bamboo and tumbling head first down slides / Once backed Chicagoland mobster-singer (singer-mobster?) / No bathroom breaks during the bass solo / Schnauzer

Drums – By far the most responsible / Enjoys a good salmon salad / Has strange affiliations with several college football teams / Can’t play effectively without the sweet, sweet comfort of an oscillating fan / Aquarius